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what are the points for

Paula, 21 Apr 2021


Jay, 08 Apr 2021


Jay, 08 Apr 2021

Under cooked, only ate the chips from my meal. I called the restaurant 4 times and got no answer!

Amber, 01 Apr 2021


No onions and lettuce just the patty really poor

Yash, 30 Mar 2021

Cashier was disgusting the way they spoke to me saying am ‘thick as fuck’ for putting the wrong address even though I rang literally less than 30 seconds after I placed the order and he said the food had already been sent out. Absolute joke I ordered food the whole order was wrong they sent it to the wrong address which was complete opposite way and then tried to bring me the same food that had been sat there for god knows how long and when it came it was completely wrong. Then the so called manager said he will bring the rest of the order on his way home from closing and when he finally brought it it was cold like the rest of the food. He said he would sort out another order for me next time I order. I rang up tonight and explained and get spoken to in a ridiculous way. Wouldn’t let me speak or get a word in and was extremely rude. Was shouting down the phone and in the end told me to fuck of and put the phone down. When i tried to call back they kept ignoring the call or putting it down. Will never order from here again for the simple fact of the attitude, never mind the food.

Rubinta, 20 Mar 2021

Best place to eat

Dave, 20 Mar 2021

Best place

Dave, 20 Mar 2021

nice food and good service

Mohammad, 19 Mar 2021

How do I use my loyalty points?

Richard, 11 Mar 2021

No cheese on my chip when payed for it

Paul, 26 Feb 2021

Didn’t arrive

Amber, 24 Feb 2021


Adam, 24 Feb 2021

Thank you

Adam, 24 Feb 2021

Fantastic milkshake and the service was so quick it arrived 13 minutes earlier than expected!

Naomi, 20 Feb 2021

Love this place

Amy, 17 Feb 2021

Never had to complain about flames.

Amber, 15 Feb 2021

Good speed

Muinat, 22 Jan 2021

Why is delivery charge now 3.5? This is a big NO.. Also why is Flamesapp code not working anymore? I was ordering every week but it seems like I will stop now. As I can order from other places with better deals.

Grzegorz, 16 Jan 2021

Best food in united kingdom guys thes guys cook ya food propa.. leeds no1 can beat em... i have moved from london and believe me thes guys smashing it. Awesome

Mohammed, 01 Jan 2021

Always on point

Kennedy, 08 Dec 2020

How doni use the loyalty points

Tiyra, 07 Dec 2020

How do I use the loyalty points

Tiyra, 07 Dec 2020


Jordan, 06 Dec 2020

Always order from Flames food always comes quick and is always very warm.

Terence, 27 Nov 2020

Always consistent. Happy customer for many years.

Cameron, 14 Nov 2020